Oct 212014

I am happy to announce that I published a C++ library that offers a lightweight version of a Design by Contract functionality. You can find it under http://github.com/FelixPetriconi/contract_light.

Here is a simple example for the beginning. More to come later

class Rect 
  // Use this define if an invariant is defined. If no invariant is defined
  // no need to do it
  int w_;
  int h_;
  Rect() : w_(0), h_(0) {}
  ~Rect() {
    // checking that the invariants are fulfilled, even before destruction
  void setWidth(int newW) {
    // setting the pre condition of this method; the invariant is checked 
    // once at the end of the scope
    PRECONDITION [&] { return newW >= 0; };
    // setting the post condition; the invariant is checked only once after 
    // leaving the scope, regardless of the number of pre- and/or post-conditions
    POSTCONDITION [&, this] { return newW == w_; };
    w_ = newW;
    // There is no need to define here INVARIANT here. This is done automatically
    // whenever there is a bool invariant() const method is defined
  int size() const {
    int result;
    POSTCONDITION [&] { return result == w_ * h_; }
    result = w_ * h_;
    return result;
  bool invariant() const {
    return w_ >= 0 && h_ >= 0;


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