Mar 262015

I just finished the first draft of the implementation of my enum_extend library. It is available via github.

It offers

  • Ranges over all defined enumerated values
  • Filtered ranges over a subset of enumerated values
  • ++ and — pre- and postfix operators
  • Attaching a textual representation to each enumerated value

Some examples:

using enum_extend::range;
using enum_extend::extender;
using enum_extend::filtered_range;

enum class Color
  Red = 0, 
  Green = 4, 
  Blue = 8

// Let's walk over all defined values
for (auto c : range<Color>()) {
  // ...

auto c = Color::Red;
// we can increment as well

// We iterate in reverse order over all defined values
std::vector<Color> allReverseColors;

// Just iterate over all values that match a certain criteria; 
// usefull if the enumerated values are defined as combined bit fields
auto FilterRed = [](Color c) { return c == Color::Red; };
for (auto c : filtered_range<Color>(FilterRed)) {
  // Do just something with red values

Only this specialization and the implementation of the operators is necessary:

template <>
  enum_extend::extender<Color>::all_values = { Color::Red, Color::Green, Color::Blue };

Color& operator++(Color& e) { 
  return enum_extend::extender<Color>::increment(e); 

Color& operator--(Color& e) { 
  return enum_extend::extender<Color>::decrement(e); 

Color operator++(Color& e, int) {                                            
  auto tmp = e;                                                            
  return tmp;                                                              

Color operator--(Color& e, int) {                                            
  auto tmp = e;                                                            
  return tmp;                                                              

There exists a set of macros that simplifies the process of specializing the extender and implementing the operators.

Much more details and examples can be found in this first tutorial

Feedback is welcome!


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