How we Came to Hudson/Jenkins CI as Continuous Build System

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Mar 082011

During our phase to installing the SCRUM develop I read the book “Scrum – Agiles Projektmanagement erfolgreich einsetzen by Roman Picher” and there was recommended to use a Continuous Integration (CI) system. The reasons stated there persuaded me at once that we need such a system. So I started to looking for such a thing.

The very first system I set up was CruiseControl, because an other department in the company already used CruiseControl .Net. The setup of the server was pretty easy. But I did not like the way of configuring the jobs. Too many settings had to be done in an “XML grave”.

So I took a look onto the commercial Cruise by Thoughtworks. The setup was easy and support by the help desk was great during our evaluation phase. But still it was necessary to configure the job details with XML files. It may be that this has changed with a later revision.

I think XML is a good way of defining settings or transferring data – for machines. But I don’t think for humans.

I liked very much the pipeline concept that Cruise has implemented! But I did not had at that a budget of about 7000€ for buying such a license. So I found a great comparison list.

Only one system which offered all features that I would like to have: Hudson CI. The installation was as easy as it was for all the other systems. But there was no need to configure anything within an XML file. Everything could be set via a web interface. Great! Everything was translated to German. Wow. (Even I prefer today the English layout, because this eases the possibility to search for solutions of problems in the net.)

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